Teachers across TVA’s seven-state region applied for funding of up to $5,000 for projects, and 233 applications were selected.

“We are excited to have this funding to support hands-on activities and programs that help students develop skills that can apply to real-world problem solving,” said Lichelle Leonard, Instructional STEM Coach. “We want to open doors to high quality, rewarding jobs for our students, and the grant will help us introduce them to these subjects from a young age.”

Schools who are awarded grants must receive their power from a local power company served by TVA. SES is served by Middle Tennessee Electric.

SES will use the grant to begin a "Verdant Vegetable Venue", a community garden where students will participate in planting vegetables, gardening, and harvesting.  "Teaching our students how to be a gardener is a great life skill, as well as sparking the interest of our students in the horticulture field", says Leonard.

“TVA is committed to supporting STEM education to help develop today’s students into tomorrow’s engineers, scientists and IT professionals,” said Jeannette Mills, TVA executive vice president and chief external relations officer. “It’s inspiring to be able to contribute to the innovators of the next generation.”

Since 2018, TVA and BVI have awarded nearly $2 million in STEM grants to support local education.

A full list of grant recipients, and information on how to apply for a future STEM grant can be found at

For more information about SES' grant and garden project, please contact Lichelle Leonard, 615.904.6725 or email at [email protected]