Smyrna Elementary School

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School Culture

At SES, we want our community and school members to feel safe and comfortable in a respectful and engaging environment with an uplifting atmosphere and a growth mindset. 
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Our students are taught 4 main principles known as "4 to SOAR".  These behavioral expectations of BE SAFE, BE KIND, BE RESPONSIBLE, and BE ENGAGED are taught to our students across every environment they encounter throughout their school day.  We utilize a point system to acknowledge student's individual successes when they display our 4 to SOAR expectations as well as celebrating class and grade level goals.  In addition, all students and staff are all randomly placed into a House to encourage cross grade/age cooperativeness in obtaining goals.  House celebrations are held routinely throughout the year to celebrate student and staff accomplishments!  They are high energy and full of positivity!
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SES implements a multi-tiered level of behavioral supports that offers a powerful, evidence-based approach for meeting the behavioral and social needs of students in our school.  Each tier of the framework involves careful reflection on the needs of students, interventions to match those needs, and the collection of data to evaluate a shared school-wide commitment to teach and reinforce positive behavior.  When we use positive behavior supports in all three tiers, we at SES, help to create a culture where all students and teachers are respected and included in their community.  
We have defined and sorted problematic behavior into 2 categories:  Staff Managed and Office Managed.  Teachers work with students who may be struggling with specific behaviors included in the Staff Managed list and may refer students to the office for behaviors listed within the Office Managed list.  A copy of the definitions of these behaviors are included here: