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Welcome to Mrs. Walker's Intervention Class!!!


What is intervention? 

It is a chance for students to receive high-quality, research-based, super fun math lessons tin a small group that will fill-in gaps in their learning and build their confidence.


How do they get grades?

While I do not give grades in our class, I do monitor your child's progress in several different ways.  Each lesson will end with a chance for me to see how your child is progressing with each skill AND a chance for your child to reflect on his or her own understanding.  Every other week, your child will take an assessment through easyCBM, a county-wide program.  These can be tailored to the grade level at which your child is working in my class and/or his actual grade.  Graphs of these assessments will be sent home with each progress report and report card.  I can also send them to you upon requestion.


A child's classroom grades (given by his/her classroom math teacher) can be checked regularly through Skyward using the student’s assigned username and password. If you need assistance with your login information, email our attendance secretary, Amanda Richardson @ [email protected], or call the school office @ 615.904.6725.


How can you reach me?

You can reach me the fastest through Dojo or you can email me at [email protected]