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Welcome to Kelly Greene's Webpage :)

Grades from your child's General Education teacher, can be checked regularly through Skyward using the student’s assigned username and password. If you need assistance with your login information, email our attendance secretary, Amanda Richardson @ [email protected] or call the school office @ 615.904.6725.

Students can access programs (iReady, MobyMax, BrainPop, Playposit, Nearpod) through Clever!  Information regarding access to Clever at home can be found here.

Lexia can be accessed at home as well.  Students will have their log-in information.

Contact your general education classroom teacher to obtain online textbook information for their class. 

You can access your Office 365 account by clicking here, the username and password are the same as your computer login at school.  


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Really Fun Review: Multiplication Squares Fun Game

Make 2 copies or however many people want to play.  
You will need
2 dice or 2 sets of number cards each labeled with one number from 1-6 that you'll put in a bag, shake up and pick from
a different color marker/crayon for each player to use to write on the game board
How to Play:
roll the dice or pick two number cards.  
multiply them together
find the product on the game board and connect two of the dots around the number with one line with your color.
Each player continues to do the same.  
On each turn your goal is to try to be the one that connects the dots around a number to form a box around it.  Once the box is completed, you put your initials in the box.  
If you can't find your product to draw a line,or if you multiply wrong, then you lose your turn.
Once the game board is filled up as much as it can be, see who has the most boxes with their initials in it.  
Then play again!!!!  :)